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Isla de la Juventud CUBA

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This site provides information about this special municipality called the Isla de la Juventud or the Isle of Youth that is south of the main island of Cuba. Nueva Gerona is the capital city. 

Today there are not many reasons to visit this Cuban island. There are not many people living there, there are not many great beaches from what I understand and there are no resorts.

However Cayo Largo del Sur in the Jardines de la Reina and Cuba Dive Centers are nearby.

isla de la juventud cuba map

Here is an even better map of Isla del la Juventud featuring more information about Nueva Gerona too.

Cuban Cigars

This island is believed to be the inspiration for the novel "Treasure Island". It is a known fact that real pirates of the Caribbean existed long before the movie ever came out :-)

If you have traveled to the Isla de la Juventud, we would like to hear from you. We would like to publish your travel story, recommendations, photos, videos and whatever else you might have to offer about this unique island off Cuba. 

In the summer of 2008, Hurricane Gustav hit Isla de la Juventud.

Isla de la Juventud Lodging

Casa Odalis -- A recommended casa particular in Nueva Gerona is Odalis Pena Fernandez located at Calle 10 #3710 e/ 37 y 39. You can try them at 53 (46) 32 23 45. Lodging costs 10 CUC without air conditioning and 15 CUC with air conditioning.

Hotel Colony -- World renowned for scuba diving in the area and this hotel is the only place to stay in the area, about 25 miles south of Nueva Gerona. Cab ride will cost you about 20CUC 20 - 25 CUC.

Isla de la Juventud sights and things to do

This island is great for scuba diving and solitude. There are a few beaches but not many tourists since there aren't many places to stay on the island.

Playa Paraiso -- This beach is near Nueva Gerona and you can get there by horse buggy or bicycle. There is a small hotel for Cubans but don't expect ANY luxury or even for it to be open.

Playa Bibijagua -- This is the only black sand beach in Cuba, about five miles outside of the city. There are three buildings here. An old hotel that was a tourist destination in the 1950s, Villa Gaviota and a campground. place. Arrive with low expectations and you will not be disappointed.

Presidio Modelo -- This is the prison where Fidel Castro was incarcerated after his attack on the Moncada barracks. The prison is closed and there is nothing to see but the shell of the building so you can walk around without any entrance fee. However, there is a museum there that you will have to pay for.

There is also Cocodrilo and the town of La Fe.

Getting to Isla de la Juventud

CUBANA Airlines -- Two to three flights a day from Havana, about 40CUC each way. Book your flight online from your hotel and fly out of Jose Marti airport. It may take some careful planning so be sure to ask many questions and several people to make sure you are getting correct information.

Island Ferry -- Twice a day this boat leaves from the port of Batabano (Surgidero de Batabano) on the southern side of the new province of Mayabeque. It leaves at 10:00am and takes about two hours to get to the Isle of Youth by ferry. You can buy tickets from the Isla de la Juventud ferry company at a small window in the ASTRO Bus Terminal in Havana.

You can buy tickets from your hotel for 50CUC round trip. Ask about a bus to Surgidero de Batabano but be prepared for a lousy ride to the ferry terminal.

If you decide to fly or take a ferry to Isla de la Juventud, be sure to ask around to see IF you can get there easily, WHEN you can go and maybe even WHY you should take the trip to this Cuban island.

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